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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Full Requests, Reviews, amongst other things....

I'm back!

...I guess.

God, I'm so horrible with this blogging think. I'll admit, I'm horribly boring. My life really consists of doctor appointment and such. Well, my extended family and boyfriend's family are pretty dramatic but out of respect, I don't want to rag on them on the internet.

My in-laws are fucking weird though.

Okay, list time!

1) I GOT A FULL REQUEST, BITCHES. Like, January 11th I got it. I know, nearly three weeks and I mention it here now. I'm a bit slow on this stuff. Damn it, I want March to goddamn well come already.

2) I STARTED WRITING SEQUEL AGAIN. After leeching two chapters from it for the first book's ending. Really hurt my word count (which wasn't much to begin with) but I'm slowly inching back from the hole. God, I'm screwed if the first on gets picked up.

2.5) I'm watching Bridezillas right now. I don't know why. These women are the most spoiled bitches ever. I think I have train wreck syndrome.

3) I have decided I'm going to start something new: Monday Mini-Reviews.

Going to be exactly what they sound like. Mini Reviews of books on Mondays. I'm not going to go super in depth but I'm going more to be silly and amusing. So yes, predict bitching. Sometimes off track. Hopefully I'll come across as funny. Or something.

I do have a little list of books I've read and wanted to review. First on the chopping block?

Isolation by Dan Wells, short story prequel to Partials

Yeah, I'm starting small. So shoot me.

Well, that is all for now. See you all Monday!

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