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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My first publisher query!

Okay, I finally have made a foray into publsihing directly to publishers. I submitted to PYR publishing today and now I have to wait four to six weeks at least for answer. NERVOUS.

Im also planning on submitting to Tor books once I find a printer. Which is apparently harder than it sounds. They want so much paper! This is going to cost a fortune because I live in Canada. Hopefully I'll get lucky. I would LOVE for them to take my book.

Not to say I'm done with agents. I'm going to query Brittany Booker of Corvisero Lit Agency and Laura Bradford of Laura Bradford Lit. Along with any other suggestions people throw at me.

Next few weeks are going to be nerve wrecking. Wish me luck!

Guess my 'take a break' is done and over with.