About Me

About Me

Born in Laguna Hills, California during the final year of the 80s, Krysten spent most of her younger years in and out of the hospital. To escape the hum-drum of hospital life, she use to tell fanciful stories and developed her twisted sense of humor. With the help of her mother, of course.

At the age of seven, she moved from California to Canada due to health reasons. Her love of storytelling developed more due to her extreme shyness and loneliness after moving to a new country. A year later, she attempted her first story --which turned out to be a short story--about a unicorn and a little dog-sized dragon. The story was what one would predict to come out of an eight year old--not very good.

Soon after, storytelling and writing took a back seat to academics. Ironically, she was not very good at Language Arts, but very talented at the history part of Social Studies. This interest aided in her love of world-building.

During her teens, she found her love of writing again. A couple of the characters, Caraka and Kytheran, were born during this time. Her shyness kept her writing ability under wraps, even from teachers. It was through the encouragement of her friends and boyfriend that she finally delved into writing.

At 15, she began what would be her first novella. Written over summer break, the length of the novella was unknown, seeing how she was unaware of 'word counts' and the such. Two years later, the novella was lost in a computer crash.

Soon after, Krysten began planning and outlining Shadow's Dawn. In April/May 2009, after years of start and stops, she began the actual physical writing of Shadow's Dawn, though at the time, it was called The Forsaken. Shadow's Dawn was finally completed in June 2011. During the writing, health issues persisted but she continued, determined to see the novel finished.

Encouraged by friends and her boyfriend and inspired by other writer friends, Krysten set off on the journey of publishing soon after finishing Shadow's Dawn. During such, she started on the sequel, Morning Darkness.

When she's not writing, she is studying Spanish, snuggling her Shih Tzu/Pomeranian cross, Kisla, watching Superhero movies with her boyfriend of six years, or agent hunting (for now!)