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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Mini Reviews: Roar and Liv


God I hope people think I'm funny. It's not like I put any real work into these things.

Right, Roar and Liv. Another in the long line of the new trend of writing background stories of characters we the readers don't really care about. Thanks, Meyer

I don't know why I wasted my $1.99 on this. UNLESS I FOUND THE SECRET WHY WRITERS ARE ALL POOR. At least decent ones.

Wait, review. I digress.

Roar and Liv is told in first person. WHICH CREATES INSTANT HATE. Sorry, I have yet to find a first person book that I liked. Personal opinion.

Anyways, it's told from the titular character, Roar. This time around, Roar actually played a good sized role in Under the Never Sky and he was even kind of likable. As least I liked him. Though, I always tend to like the wrong characters (LOOKING AT YOU, DARKLING).

That said, I don't know who was speaking in the short story, but I did not get vibe it was Roar, to be honest. In the main book, he seemed more goofy and playful, the supposed opposite to the MMC, Peregrine. Yeah, the voice in the short story did not match the character in the main story for me. SS voice was more soft and squishy and melodramatic. Almost like...*drumroll* a sheltered girl! Not a guy who has lived in a dying world hiding from deadly storms all his life. He spent more time bitching about losing Liv than...I don't know...coming up with a plan to solve the problem.

Serious, the first half was about about how he loved Liv (and despite the title, we don't actually get any real insight on her) and spent the second half whining about her being sold off.

Yet again, I'm not learning anything new with this story. During Under the Never Sky, I never gave thought about Roar and Liv's relationship. In actuality, UtNS had better short story material, such as HOW THE FMC, ARIA'S, MOTHER DIED. At least that story would have had tension, mystery, and death. Interesting stuff.

I know this is YA and everything, but why do all YA stories eventually fall victim to Romance? Nothing wrong with Romance in of itself, but it just seems like all the YA stories I've read eventually push aside interesting aspects for a silly romance. Really, I think the story of how the MC's mother died would have been more interesting and beneficial for the overall story than, yet again, more romance. Did she died a heroic death? A cowardly one? Anything? Bueller?

*sigh* Guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it.


Recommendation: If you like Romance, go ahead. Just, don't expect Roar to have the same voice as he did in UtNS.

Next Week: Haven't decided. Maybe Graceling, maybe Shadow and Bone. I have a bone (LOL) to pick with the latter...

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